MOi Cycle

The MOi Concept:
Understand what is happening to your body throughout the training process and you will be successful. This is not another mindless exercise routine … This is MOi Cycle ~ Mind Over Intensity™. MOi gives you the tools to control your ride and make it work for you. Based on years of research and analysis, we’ve established proven guidelines on how you need to train to achieve and maintain ultimate fitness. MOi Cycle guidelines frame every second of your ride with no surprises! Heart rate vs intensity — we’ve worked it out so you will have the ride of your life, every time you ride MOi. This commitment to your success defines our brand and culture.
MOi Cycle coaches are our selected Ambassadors. After rigorous training, each one is certified and speaks to our brand and culture. As the instructor coaches, our customized music drives the ride and inspires you to dig deep and embrace the challenge. Let’s face it, we train for results and the reward is the results: Strength and Endurance, both mental and physical. MOi coaches understand that you are willing to work hard, they know how important it is to deliver rides that are creative, readily monitored, and they get excited by your success — they are ready to give you the ride of your life, each and every time you ride MOi.
MOi Cycle integrates exercise science, hi-tech monitoring and the Music that inspires your mind to overcome, engage, and embrace the intensity of the ride. Our DJ is also a cyclist so he knows just what kind of music and rhythm each of the MOi Cycle ride segments need. The entire ride relies on the custom mixed music with perfectly timed intervals and rhythmical cues that alert and prepare you for the next stage of your ride. Each ride has a custom Music Mix specifically assembled to spur you on, help you relax into the effort, make you soar!