Fierce FUNk®

What is Fierce Funk?
Fierce Funk is a new, exciting dance-fitness program founded by Pepper Von, one of the most respected and creative dance-fitness practitioners. Pepper’s creation combines a street style funk movement with a contemporary hip-hop feel, for an inspiring, fun and complete workout. His vision is for instructors to bring a sense of fun, empowerment, passion, energy and a philosophy ...of love toward others to their classes through dance and fitness movements to energizing music. The Fierce Funk culture is not just fitness and dance, it is a moving energy intended to refresh the spirit with fun, fulfilment and love so Fierce Funk participants are more healthy and happy.
The Certification
Fierce Funk certification classes prepare participants to become Fierce Funk instructors by educating them in:
The history of funk and hip-hop
The body skills needed to become proficient at funk movements
The science of physical safety and fitness
Overcoming the phobias tied to Funk movement
How to teach and keep participants engaged
How to lead through visual and audio cues
Understanding the essentials of choreography
Understanding body mechanics and modifications
How to use music, phrasing and rhythm
The Workout
The Fierce Funk workout format is taught as an “add-on” method where the leader introduces a 4 to 8 count block of choreography and adds progressive 4 to 8 blocks of choreography. The finale is a 32-count segment of choreography class participants dance from start to finish for a complete workout.
Supporting Fierce Funk Instructors
Fierce Funk (so instructors are successful and enjoy their work) offers a range of support:
• Easy access to online downloads of choreography and music on-demand
• Two educational courses per year, including a Fierce Funk Power -Up course annually
Please note there are no monthly licensing fees. A $49 fee will be payable for annual certification renewals. To renew certification an instructor must have a current CPR card and prove attendance at two educational courses.

Join The Fierce Funk Movement and Culture
A Fierce Funk Instructor inspires and motivates class participants at gyms, fitness centers and ...throughout the world.
Fierce Funk Crew is a local volunteer group that performs choreographed routines at events and promotes Fierce Funk’s philanthropy, “Enough Is Enough”, dedicated to stopping bullying at schools
“CFO” is a Certified Funk Officer who presents two hour workshops in major cities around the world to assist the growth of Fierce Funk. These workshops count toward certification renewal and include Choreography, Vocalography, and Inspiration and Motivation.
“CEO” is a Certified Educational Officer who works with Pepper Von and the Fierce Funk Educational Team to offer instructor training around the globe.
For more information about instructor certification and how to apply to join a Crew, or become a CFO or CEO, please visit